Why You Need a Court Reporter

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Why do you need a court reporter for your San Francisco deposition? Perhaps you are a juror listening to a case and a witness says something crucial that you do not quite hear. Would it help to have a voice recorder replay those words? Perhaps. Perhaps, with the assistance of speech recognition technology, you may even have a transcription of that recording. Still, even in this information age, there is no guarantee that the voice recorder correctly “heard” the witness’s words. In such a case, it is best to have the interpretive skills of someone like a San Francisco court reporter. Court reporting involves the distinguishing and analysis of the subtleties and nuances of speech and language.

Voice recognition software still lags behind human accuracy when it comes to analyzing intonation, accents, foreign vocabularies and other differences in speech patterns. If a witness says “I did it,” it will take a human mind to understand if this was a confession (“I did it.”) or a question (“I did it?”) in such cases, the court reporters of San Francisco help ensure the law is interpreted carefully. With modern technology, court reporters can produce depositions and other legal transcription with great accuracy. When property, child custody, or legal penalties are at stake, it is important that your San Francisco court reporting company provides you with the most precise legal transcripts. No 21st century machine can yet produce such quality.

Our court reporting company has over 25 years of San Francisco deposition experience. In a diverse locations like DC and San Francisco, court reporters’ highly trained ears are an essential tool. With their listening skills, they can navigate the multitude of accents and linguistic variations within the Bay Area. There are many reasons why a human serves as a more reliable San Francisco court reporter. Beyond a court reporter’s superior listening skills there is also the need for accurate documentation. With a minimum speed of 225 words per minute, our San Francisco Court reporters provide courtroom transcripts and depositions which lawyers, judges and other legal professionals need to fairly and thoroughly review all legal proceedings. Court reporters work painstakingly to ensure your legal process can run as smoothly as possible.

Our court reporters are indispensable. Professionals across the legal system voted and agreed, Veritext Legal Solutions provides an essential service.

While human court reporters are nowhere near replaceable, top court reporters, like our San Francisco court reporters, still work with the most advanced and up to date technology. During court proceedings and depositions, our San Francisco court reporters, can use computers to translate the notes from their stenotype to Standard Written English in real time. Schedule a deposition with us or simply explore our website, to see the unparalleled services our San Francisco court reporters provide.