San Francisco Legal Transcription

San Francisco Legal TranscriptionVeritext Legal Solutions has a longstanding presence in San Francisco. Having served over 10,000 clients around the world, Veritext Legal Solutions understands what clients require from their legal transcription service. We offer superior legal transcription in San Francisco with accuracy, reliability and rapid turnaround. Our founders are well versed in legal transcription and deeply attuned to client needs. This commitment to our clients and to excellence has won us acclaim throughout the legal world.

We are known nationwide for our quality legal transcriptions, in order to maintain our quality and accuracy,Veritext Legal Solutions does not outsource legal transcription projects overseas. Our transcriptionists reside here in the US, eliminating errors that can occur because of cultural and language differences.

We offer highly accurate and timely legal transcription and court reporting services at competitive prices. Your invoice will never show charges you have not previously discussed. Furthermore, you may be eligible for a discount with us if you enlist our service for multiple projects or a pro bono case. Veritext Legal Solutions charges by the page and not the minute of audio. This is the preferred billing method for several government agencies as it ensures you do not pay for long gaps in speech and silent pauses.

Veritext Legal Solutions is committed to providing top-tier court reporting and legal transcription services in San Francisco and throughout the US. We have also facilitated depositions in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. Contact Veritext Legal Solutions today to learn why thousands entrust us with their legal transcription and deposition needs around the world.