Case Management

Court Reporter San Francisco

COURT REPORTER SAN FRANCISCOIn these busy times, we at Veritext Legal Solutions San Francisco understand it can be difficult to stay organized. Your deposition work may have you traveling across the country or even overseas. That is why we cover your deposition needs whether you need a court reporter in San Francisco, a videographer on the East coast or are constantly on the move! With expert court reporters, translators and interpreters around the country, we are able to meet all your court reporting needs in any time zone. We will assign you a dedicated case manager, whom you can consider your “home base” during the span of your deposition.

When you work with our dedicated San Francisco court reporting company, the first thing we will do for you is schedule a brief meeting with a case manager and key staff. In this meeting you can discuss your unique needs as a client, so that your team can serve you optimally. Once these needs have been assessed, your case manager will produce a custom, case specific standing order for you and your team. You will also receive a personal, client only webpage which you will tour with your case manager. This page allows you to view your invoice, schedule your deposition and view online transcripts anytime day or night. What’s more is you will have access to your transcripts anywhere there is an internet connection. If you travel across the country, you can download your deposition transcripts instead of carrying hundreds of pages of court documents in your baggage. You can also download them to your Apple or Android phone or tablet using our mobile application.

Veritext Legal Solutions will implement a seamless process throughout the life of your deposition. We will see that you have a consistent, trusted and familiar team, and keep the number of court reporters involved in your case to a minimum. If you need expedited service, we will assign you multiple court reporters but can assure you that each of them will come prepared. As soon as they are available, we provide our court reporters with page numbers, word lists and exhibit numbers—usually well before your San Francisco deposition begins.