CART/Captioning Services in San Francisco

Court Reporting Services San Francisco

CART/Captioning Services in San FranciscoOur San Francisco court reporting company provides top level court reporting and depositions to all involved in the litigation process. This includes the 48 million living in the US who suffer from hearing loss in at least one ear. Therefore we are happy to offer Communications Access Realtime Translation (CART) captioning for our clients. We are committed to using state of the art technology and expertly trained professionals for all of our services, including CART. In fact, many of our San Francisco court reporters and transcriptionists have converted their skills and technological knowledge into broadcast and CART captioning services for courtrooms and depositions.

Using our CART Captioning, our verbatim court reporting services, and our interpretation and translation services in San Francisco, we aim to completely remove any communication barriers that might occur in your San Francisco deposition. Through our CART captioning, our court reporters and transcriptionists convert oral testimony into written translation with a stenotype machine, notebook computer and realtime software. Once written, the caption can be combined with video presentation or displayed on a computer monitor or projection screen in the courtroom.

We are proud to serve a varied range of clients with this technology, including the deaf and hard of hearing. Veritext Legal Solutions itself is a diverse organization. More than ten thousand clients from law firms, government agencies, and corporations of all sizes agree,Veritext Legal Solutions provides exceptional court reporting services around San Francisco, the United States and the world.

Our CART captioning and other court reporting services are priced transparently so you always know for what service you are paying specifically. We even offer discounts for clients who host multiple depositions with us or use our services in a pro bono case. We are committed to excellent service and want to reward you for doing the same! To learn more about our CART captioning in San Francisco and other court reporting services, Contact Veritext Legal Solutions!