The Court Reporting Board of California

The Court Reporting Board of California

As we recently discussed, within court reporting there are many classes of certifications. Certification criteria varies state by state, and some jurisdictions do not require court reporters to undergo any certification process. For instance, Washington DC court reporters are not held to a uniform professional standard. However, in our San Francisco court reporting company office, we adhere to the standards set forth by the Court Reporters Board of California, which is based in Sacramento.

What is the Court Reporters Board of California?:

This governing board ensures that our San Francisco court reporters, and all court reporters in California, display high level competency in providing deposition and court reporting services to consumers. This is essential in helping the judicial system run smoothly. As the Court Reporting Board of California website states, the legal system’s integrity relies on accurate records. The Court Reporters Board of California ensures quality standards by:

  • Issuing licenses to California’s court reporters–also called Certified Shorthand Reporters (CSR’s)
  • Overseeing court reporting schools in the state of California through:
    • authorizing court reporting school curricula
    • developing and administering the state court reporter licensing exams
    • auditing school requirements
    • response to complaints surrounding school improprieties regarding curriculum standards and record keeping.
  • Discipline of court reporters who violate state or federal consumer protection laws
  • Management of the transcript reimbursement fund, which provides free or inexpensive court reporting and transcription services for pro bono cases.

When were they founded?

The Court Reporters Board of California was founded in 1951. Since its founding, it has licensed over 13,000 reporters. Currently it is estimated that 8000 licensees are practicing. Licensees are either considered “freelance,” who mostly provide deposition services and work through companies (like our San Francisco deposition company), or “officials” who work inside the courts.

How are they funded?

The Court Reporters Board of California is funded through examination and licensing fees. They are not funded by General Fund tax dollars, and are therefore considered a self-funded or special fund agency.

Who are the members?

The board is comprised of two licensees and one public member, all appointed by the Governor of the State of California. There are two more public members: one appointed by the Senate Rules Committee and the other by the Speaker of the Assembly, to make five members total, all of whom serve staggered four-year terms.

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