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Day-In-The-Life Videos for Trial

One of the most effective ways for an attorney to present his client’s case to a jury is through video. Seasoned trial lawyers have been using demonstrable evidence for years, creating a visual landscape for jurors to decide the case. With the prevalence of technology in our society, and our one hundred forty character culture, […]

Discovery and Deposition in Child Custody Cases

Going through a divorce can be a long and emotionally taxing process. It can take a long time to get to a place where you are ready to file for divorce, especially when children are involved. Child custody cases can become contentious very quickly. It can be hard to come to custody agreements with an […]

Why You Need a Court Reporter

Why do you need a court reporter for your San Francisco deposition? Perhaps you are a juror listening to a case and a witness says something crucial that you do not quite hear. Would it help to have a voice recorder replay those words? Perhaps. Perhaps, with the assistance of speech recognition technology, you may […]

The Court Reporting Board of California

The Court Reporting Board of California As we recently discussed, within court reporting there are many classes of certifications. Certification criteria varies state by state, and some jurisdictions do not require court reporters to undergo any certification process. For instance, Washington DC court reporters are not held to a uniform professional standard. However, in our […]